Setu App Walkthrough

Setu App Walkthrough

Client: SETU

About: The process of revealing the functionality of an app to its users is widely known as an app walkthrough. As apps get more complex with the advancement of technology and the introduction of multiple features, app walkthroughs have become increasingly popular in the current times.

SETU is an endogenous tourism brand whose aim is to bridge the gap between rural and urban India by eradicating the persisting disconnection between them through educating urban youth about rural culture and work.

Maintaining the feel and essence of the brand, therefore, its app walkthrough is designed with illustrations and vectors depicting education, growth and rural life.

While the color of saffron gives it the vibe of the underlying simplicity in rustic rural life, the sharp edgy geometric curves give it an urban polish.

Services: Graphic design

Softwares: AI & PS