Rodic – Milestone Campaign

Rodic – Milestone Campaign

Client: Rodic Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

About: If you are wondering how you would let the world know about your brand, then social media campaigns are one of the solutions.

Rodic Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned infrastructure consulting company for whom we have created brand awareness on social media via a campaign about themselves named Rodic’s Story.

As the campaign revolved around what Rodic was and its services, each of the 12 posts were designed using illustrations and vectors against a black background to give it an edgy and urbanized look.

We have also used infrastructure images for certain posts to depict the different projects, contributions, achievements and turnovers of Rodic.

Against the white background, the images project an element of richness that symbolizes the flourishing journey of Rodic and thereby attracts the audience to actually have a look.

Services: Graphic design, content, Social media strategy

Softwares: Ai & PS