FITPASS Instagram Stories

FITPASS Instagram Stories

Client: Fitpass

About: Instagram stories are one of the best tools to showcase one’s products and services in a short span of time.

FITPASS is an app-based health and fitness brand that gives access to numerous fitness centers, provides nutrition solutions, and A.I. enabled workout coaching via highly curated videos.

Keeping the young target audience in mind, we have created three service-based GIFs for the FITPASS Instagram story. The three designs are based on simple illustrations with the use of bright colors against a white background.

Pertaining to the moods of each of its services we have used workout and diet elements. For instance, to show its in-app workout coaching program of FITCOACH, different workout equipment along with the use of a phone is displayed on the GIF depicting a merge of technology and fitness promoting healthy living.

In the second GIF, we have shown its in-app diet and nutrition solution of FITFEAST. Using a minimalist approach we have used a simple bowl of salad where all the nutritious vegetables and fruits are pouring in.

And, the third GIF portrays different workouts on gym equipment to give the audience the feel of regular exercise at the gym and make them understand how via the one pass of FITPASS they can use any gym in the city and perform various exercises. 

Services: Graphic design

Softwares: AI & PS