Bollywood Lines – Campaign

Bollywood Lines – Campaign

Client: Fitpass

About: Campaigns harp on most engagement on social media.

A popular health and fitness app FITPASS strives to promote the goodness of fitness nationwide. Through the app one not only gets access to unlimited fitness centers but also 24/7 diet and nutrition services and fitness coaching.

Tapping on to the youthful and energetic vibe of the brand, we have created a fun campaign around some of the famous Bollywood dialogues. These legendary dialogues of Hindi cinema have been tweaked by introducing elements of fitness that not only create a comic effect but also an awareness regarding the necessity of fitness in one’s life.

Using vibrant hues of yellow, blue and violet in the background, the design of the posts of this campaign consists of illustrations of the famous Bollywood stars whose dialogues have been used. The juxtaposition of the bright colours gives it a youthful and energetic vibe that grabs multiple eyeballs on social media.

Services: Graphic design, Content, Social media strategy

Software: Ai & PS