Social Trends

Social Trends

Client: Headsup Corporation

About: It is not likely that an HR consulting firm would run a campaign on social media trends. But we did it successfully!

Given the fact that the scope of HR has grossly broadened and even percolated to the realms of marketing and sales, our idea of this campaign was to enlighten other brands (related to human resource management or not) regarding the marketing tools they can adopt to promote employer branding, engagement, recruitment, organization process and more.

A unique approach, we listed down marketing tools that have the capacity to augment branding on an organizational level in which both employees and customers will be equally engaged, and potential candidates will be equally intrigued.

Adhering to the brand’s color, we incorporated simple copies and images in seven different posts that clearly deliver the intended message.

Services: Social media, Graphic Design, Content

Softwares: Ai & Ps