AltSpace Logo

AltSpace Logo

Client: Rodic Consultants Private Limited

About: A logo is the identity of a brand. It profiles the brand and gives it an image so that people know what it is about in a glance.

AltSpace is a revolutionary online platform that provides SMEs, startups, freelancers, consultants and corporates the opportunity to monetize their extra space or find the best co-working spaces nearby.

The design of the brand logo is attuned to its professional essence catering to various workspaces. The representation is, therefore, minimalistic, edgy, and professional and consists of the most common things found in every workspace, that is, a chair. 

Psychologically, the colour red represents vitality, vibrance and energy. This is well attuned to the vibe of the young crowd. Since young and new entrepreneurs and professionals are the target audience of the brand, red and/or a combination of white and red has been chosen to showcase the brand of AltSpace.

Services: Logo Design

Softwares: Ai & Ps